Optimizing Your Website Content

These days when I introduce myself as a writer…people still for a minute go back to the traditional definition of a writer (journalist or author). It falls upon me how much I want to correct that myth. It is surprising that in the day and age of websites and SEOs it is still the conventional print medium that first comes to mind. Not that I want to negate it … some of the butter on the bread comes from there as well!

But writing a website is really very different from other forms of writing – especially when it comes to optimising the site for search engines. Well – what exactly does that mean? Search engines such as Google, scan your site  among thousands of sites and then gives suggestions to the searcher. Now depending on what key words have been selected… your site could be one of the many that pops up in search results. So the job of a website content writer really is to make sure you have the relevant keywords and that they serve the purpose of getting your site the right visibility.

As a result doing up a website for anyone, a corporate or an individual is actually somewhat like walking a tight rope. There should be optimal balance between the design aspect and the content. Of course the aspect where you can exert maximum control is the written word. It is the written word that can justify your messages and take them to the people in the language that they understand.

Key messages that form the crux of optimising a site for search engines should be used in a manner that they make sense, whether in the headline or the body copy. Also they should serve the purpose of being a call to action for your audience…encouraging them to take the desired next step.

Keeping in mind that the your website is your 24×7 sales manager…it is a good idea to make sure it has been SEO-ed. Use a variety of key words and use them well. Your content should balance your design and should not end up becoming gibberish. And you’re set to go….


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